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Elevated cleaning was recommended through a neighborhood page. We just used their services for the first time and are very impressed.

Casey J.

They were very thorough, and left the place spotless!
Paul S.

If you employ Elevated Cleaning, you will have two dedicated and serious entrepreneurs who will deliver not good but great service each and every time. They cleaned our residence for many years (until the day we moved and they cleaned it after us then! ), my mother-in-law's condo and any place we were in need. They are a first-class operation and we highly recommend them.
Teri S.

John and Anne do a wonderful job cleaning my dental office. I love walking in on Monday mornings to a nice clean office. They are trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommend them for your cleaning needs!
Shivani P.

Anne and John Ebert not only cleaned my rental house, but gave me one thing missing over the past month -- my piece of mind. Wrestling with U-Haul, packing out, and then moving to Charleston, I was pulling my hair out over the logistics. I had scheduled the Eberts to do deep clean a month or so out, but we remained in touch as we got closer to the date. Very responsive, I could check one thing off of my To Do list. Finally after I moved out, I returned to meet the Eberts for their "deep clean." It took them about four hours to return the rental to better than what it looked like when I had rented it in 2013. The windows, floors and refrigerator were spotless. The bathrooms were scrubbed and shining. I can recommend the Elevated Cleaning without reservation.
William F.

Great clean-cut couple and great job! I hired these folks for a small commercial job and have use them for a couple of my residences call soon!
Mckinley P.

This service was very friendly and cordial. they did a very thorough and complete cleaning job. I am very, very satisfied and would give them a higher than 5 star rating if I could. I would recommend them (in a minute). than you John and Anne for your help Jim
James H.


John and Anne were very competent and respectful of my furnishings when cleaning the inside of the windows. They were nice people to have working around my house and in the future, I will hire him again. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the area of workmanship.
Robert C.

Excellent work ethic and very through and a wonderful couple to work with.

Trustworthy. They have a key to my home and can enter when I am not here. Never any issues.
Wayne C.

We have used John's service for 8 years. They were extremely reliable, trustworthy.
Karen H.

They do an amazing job. I've never had such a good cleaning company. I was very sad when they left, even though they provided a replacement it is not them. They were so perfect, I cannot say enough about them. If you are looking for a cleaning company, these are the people.
Ruthann B.

He is very thorough personable and trustworthy.
Kathy M.

Totally professional, they have worked for me for a very long time, their integrity is great I completely trust them. They were quick to comply when changes needed to be made based on my wants or needs and I would highly recommend them.
Melanie M.

I am very particular on how my wood floors are cleaned, I don't like to see any spots or debris on them and I never had any complaints on how they were left with Elevated. They are very professional, and truly a first class operation.
Rita T.